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Holiday Hot Tub Bash

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Make your next holiday party a hot tub party.

‘Tis the season for countless holiday parties. If you’re sick of throwing the same party year after year, why not mix things up this season? Instead of hosting a huge party, you can utilize your hot tub to throw an intimate gathering for close family and friends.


Put together some of your favorite healthy holiday appetizers and put them on floating trays. Think bite-sized spinach and artichoke bites, smoked salmon salad in cucumber cups and fresh veggies and herb dip. This is a good opportunity to provide some healthy yet delicious food in the midst of all of the unhealthy eating that accompanies the season.


Holiday cocktails and drinks are an easy way to get into the spirit and to skip the fuss of having an open bar; instead, try featuring one speciality cocktail. Spicy Rum Punch is one of our favorite holiday treats. Steep cranberry-pineapple juice with spices and combine it with dark rum and ginger beer for a fizzy, refreshing cocktail. Something cold is especially ideal while sitting in your hot tub.

Decor & Music

There’s no easier way to set the mood than music and decorations. If you own floating lights for your hot tub, replace the white light bulbs with red and green bulbs to create a unique hot tub experience for your guests. Decorate the outside of your tub with additional lights. Next, make sure you have an incredible playlist cued up full of your favorite holiday songs.

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