Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for Hot Tubs and Saunas in Gypsum, Colorado.

#1 Hot Tub Provider in Gypsum, Colorado!

Gypsum, Colorado is a beautiful place, known for its scenic environments and peaceful skies. Why not enjoy the atmosphere while relaxing in the hot tub of your dreams? At Crystal River Spas, we offer a variety of hot tubs in different sizes, brands, and designs. With so many choices, you are sure to find a hot tub that matches all of your relaxation needs! In fact, our certified hot tub experts guide you through the whole process to ensure that you find your dream hot tub. Long gone are the days of having to drive a few hours to your favorite spa. Now, you’ll have a spa in your very own backyard! Talk with a hot tub expert today to get started!

Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for hot tubs and saunas in Colorado.

Crystal River Spas honor this crucial time to be environmentally conscious. At Crystal River Spas, we pride ourselves on providing the most sustainable products and services possible to our customers.We strive every day to make “green” initiatives part of our lives and business practices. Because of this:

  • All of our office paper, newspaper and magazines are shredded & recycled via Paperwise recycling service.
  • We only purchase and use recycled paper in our office.
  • All ink and toner cartridges are recycled with the manufacturer.
  • We offer email and online billing to our customers for paper-free service.

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Crystal River Spas will answer all of your frequently asked questions about Hot Tubs and Saunas.

Spa maintenance is very simple. Hot Springs has made water care very easy with excellent filtration, ozone systems and maintenance free interior and exterior surfaces. You should plan fifteen minutes once a week to balance the water chemistry, check the filters and add water to the spa if necessary.

No plumbing will be required. The spa fills with a garden hose and will drain with a garden hose.

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