Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for Hot Tubs and Saunas in Redstone, Colorado.

Hot Tubs in Redstone, Colorado!

Crystal River Spas is your premium provider of saunas and hot tubs in Redstone, Colorado! Our hot tub experts are ready to help you find the hot tub of your dreams. In fact, we’ve filled our warehouse with a wide selection of day spas to ensure that you find your perfect match! Why not have the perfect getaway in your own home? In addition to hot tubs, we offer customized saunas to enhance your full relaxation.  We service hot tubs in Redstone, Colorado! If you’re ready to fill your life with a little more comfort and peace, call us today for your hot tub consultation!

Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for hot tubs and saunas in Colorado.

Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for hot tubs in Colorado and its surrounding areas.

Long gone are the days of having to figure out how to maintain your hot tub by yourself. Because of our service, you are now free to enjoy your hot tub every day of the week without any hassles! Instead of worrying about the upkeep of your day spa, you can have the peace of mind that your hot tub is in good hands. You may JOIN our maintenance service full time, seasonally or even just while you are on vacation.

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Crystal River Spas will answer all of your frequently asked questions about Hot Tubs and Saunas.

Spa maintenance is very simple. Hot Springs has made water care very easy with excellent filtration, ozone systems and maintenance free interior and exterior surfaces. You should plan fifteen minutes once a week to balance the water chemistry, check the filters and add water to the spa if necessary.

No plumbing will be required. The spa fills with a garden hose and will drain with a garden hose.

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