Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for Hot Tubs and Saunas in Rifle, Colorado.

Your Trusted Hot Tub Provider in Rifle, Colorado!

Crystal River Spas is the most trusted provider for day spas and hot tubs in Rifle, Colorado. Our wide selection of hot tubs varying in design, size, and brand, offer you the freedom to customize your hot tub to fit your lifestyle and needs. At Crystal River Spas, we believe in providing excellent customer service and an exciting personalized experience. Because of this, our certified experts are you with every step of the way to make sure that your hot tub fits all of your wants and needs.  No more worrying about which hot tub to buy! We will send one of our certified hot tub experts to your location to review your landscape and answer any questions that you have. Ready to get started? Speak with one of our certified specialists today!

Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for hot tubs and saunas in Colorado.

Crystal River Spas will provide you with a free hot tub buyers guide with your purchase.

Purchasing a hot tub is no easy task, and we’re proud of you for taking such a huge step!

Download our free spa buyers guide to walk you through every step of the process and to make sure that you are well informed and prepared for your hot tub purchase. In our free hot tub buyers guide, you will find tips on how to know which design will fit you best. Whether you’d prefer an indoor or outdoor hot tub. It will review the different structures and functionalities of a hot tub as well as the different maintenance steps required to upkeep the quality of your day spa.

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Crystal River Spas will answer all of your frequently asked questions about Hot Tubs and Saunas.

Many models operate with 100V dedicated 20 amp electrical service. The largest spas operated with 220V dedicated 50 amp electrical services.

Spa maintenance is very simple. Hot Springs has made water care very easy with excellent filtration, ozone systems and maintenance free interior and exterior surfaces. You should plan fifteen minutes once a week to balance the water chemistry, check the filters and add water to the spa if necessary.

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