Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for Hot Tubs and Saunas in Snowmass, Colorado.

#1 Provider of Hot Tubs in Snowmass, Colorado!

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm amidst the snowy weather, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Crystal River Spas is the #1 provider of day spas and hot tubs in Snowmass, Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service and the hot tub of their dreams! Whether you’re just trying to relax and find comfort indoors, or you love to host a weekend party for you and your friends – you’re sure to find a hot tub that was made for you! Did we mention that we offer saunas too? That’s right! We’ve heard your request loud and clear! Crystal River Spas now provides customizable saunas for indoor and outdoor locations. Get started today and speak with a certified expert!

Crystal River Spas is the leading provider for hot tubs and saunas in Colorado.
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The small and medium sized Hot Spring Spas do not require a concrete pad. They can be placed on a pea gravel, 4×4 timbers, landscape pavers or a deck built to support the weight of the spa you select. The largest models will require a 4” thick, rebar reinforced concrete pad.

No plumbing will be required. The spa fills with a garden hose and will drain with a garden hose.

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