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ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System


Enjoy peace of mind knowing the optional ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is creating the sanitizers you need to keep spa water sparkling — even if you haven’t given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers this automated, low-maintenance saltwater system that enhances the quality of your spa water.


The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode that creates active oxygen. Because cleaners are automatically generated from salt and water, spas with the ACE system lack the odor of chlorine and require fewer harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes.


The ACE system automatically generates cleansers in your spa water. This more hands-free approach saves time, so caring for your Hot Spring® spa is easier than ever.


Because fewer products are added, the ACE system allows spa water to last much longer than traditional water care. This means that you’ll drain and refill your spa less often, conserving water and saving you time.

The ACE Salt Water System is an available option for all Highlife and Limelight Collection spas only.

Traditional salt water systems use titanium electrodes capable of producing only chlorine. The ACE system uses a unique solid diamond electrode along with two titanium electrodes. The patented diamond electrode increases the sanitizing power, while using less salt, and generates 5 different cleaners instead of just chlorine.

The diamond electrode in the ACE system generates high energy active oxygen from water. The active oxygen is the first way the ACE system cleans the water. Once the water is clean, the active oxygen combines with just a little bit of salt to produce 4 more cleaners –chlorine as well as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and MPS. (Note that MPS generation is dependent on having pH down present in the water.)

The ACE system is currently an option for Hot Spring spas built on or after August 5, 2009. Contact your local Hot Spring dealer to find out if your Hot Spring spa is compatible with the ACE system.

Like bottled chlorine, the chlorine generated by the ACE system is sodium hypochlorite. However, bottled chlorine contains stabilizers like cyanuric acid. When bottled chlorine is repeatedly added to spa water, the cyanuric acid can accumulate over time causing irritation to the skin and eyes. With the ACE system there are no stabilizing acids added to the water – so the water is gentler and more enjoyable.

The ACE system cleans the water with Active Oxygen first, without creating chlorinated or brominated byproducts. It is these byproducts that ultimately lead to the strong chlorine or bromine smell often associated with traditional spa water care. It is less likely you will experience any strong chlorine odor when using the ACE salt water sanitizing system.

The ACE system automatically generates powerful cleaners and the required sanitizer – chlorine – needed to keep spa water clean and safe. In doing so it eliminates much of the daily or weekly water care requirements of traditional systems. As the spa owner you still are ultimately responsible for the safety of your water and must be sure to do all of the following:

Balance spa water at start-up and keep the hardness level near the target of 50 ppm

Ensure the chlorine level is in the EPA recommended range of 3-5 ppm

Test water weekly with a test strip. Balance and adjust use level as needed

Rebalance and confirm use level, every 30 days

Clean the diamond electrode cell every three months


The ACE salt water system makes water care simple, but the technology behind the ACE system is very advanced. So, we brought in a science teacher to help explain. Watch the video to learn more.

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