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Infrared Saunas & Self-Care

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Incorporating your infrared sauna into your self-care routine might just have some big benefits.

“Health and wellness” is an overused buzz-phrase, but that doesn’t mean it’s not becoming increasingly relevant. Yes, it’s no secret that hot tubs have some incredible health benefits, but let’s turn our attention to infrared saunas and what they can do for your body.

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use infrared thermal light. This light penetrates your skin’s barrier and raises your core temperature. Conventional saunas first must heat the air and then the air will heat you. Because of it’s direct effects, infrared saunas get less hot, allowing you to spend more time in them. Here are some health benefits.

Aid Inflammation

Believe it or not, excessive inflammation is linked to almost every health problem we face. Whether you have inflammation in your autoimmune or digestive system, in your brain or even in your hormones, infrared saunas can help calm it.

Boost Brain Function

BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factors, are increased in the sauna. BDNF encourages neurogenesis, or the growth of new brain cells.

Ease Chronic Pain

Even for extreme conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, chronic headaches or fibromyalgia, infrared saunas can help by causing the release of endorphins, our bodies’ natural painkillers.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Long-term stress increases inflammation levels and is tied to many different health problems. Infrared saunas are proven to balance the brain-adrenal axis, avoiding adrenal fatigue.

Other benefits of infrared saunas include increased longevity, improved skin health, detoxification, and cancer prevention. Typical treatment times in infrared saunas are anywhere from 10-30 minutes. By simply spending time in one, you are doing wonders for your body. If you have access to an infrared sauna, we highly recommend!

Source: Mind, Body, Green