Migraine Relief

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You may have read our post from January about Hot Tub Headache Relief – where we learned about headache, migraine, and stress relief from hot tubs. In honor of June being National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, we dive a bit more specifically into relief for migraine suffers in this article.

Migraine headaches can anywhere from a few hours to a more extreme few days. People usually have other symptoms with migraines, other than headaches, including: sensitivity to light, noise or smells; body aches; nausea; loss of appetite; and upset stomach or belly pain.

If you’re a constant migraine sufferer, you often feel the tension start to build before a headache even begins. Learning how to relax is essential for relieving migraines. The environment of the tub makes practicing deep breathing easier, where the water amplifies the volume; lay back, listen to your lungs fill up with air, note your body’s stillness as you hold your breath, and then focus on the sound of your lungs gently exhaling.

Another way to promote relaxation at the first sign of tension is with aroma therapy, assuming your migraines are not triggered by scents. Check out this list of essential oils and their therapeutic properties that we like:

  • ANISE: promotes respiratory health, relives post-workout muscle pain
  • BASIL: promotes respiratory health, relives post-workout muscle pain, improves stamina, enhances cognitive functioning
  • BERGAMOT: eases stress, anxiety and tension
  • EUCALYPTUS: soothes bronchitis by suppressing coughing, improves clarity and concentration
  • GINGER: relives post-workout muscle pain, maintains healthy circulation, eases stomach pain
  • LAVENDER: eases stress, anxiety and tension
  • PEPPERMINT: eases stomach pain and indigestion, eases stress, anxiety and tension
  • ROSEWOOD: eases stress, anxiety and tension, promotes positive mindset

At the first sign of tension, head to your hot tub, and you’ll start to feel all of your aches and pains melt away. Since tension headaches often trigger migraine headaches, it’s important to keep your body relaxed and stress free too. Stress causes muscles to contract, which can result in neck pain, shoulder pain, facial pain, and ultimately, migraines. Soaking in your hot tub will provide relief to those tense muscles.

Try to relax, use your hot tub for relief, and enjoy a quick recovery!