With input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas represent the future of spa design. Through innovative technology they offer an entirely new exterior design – unlike anything else you will find. This distinctive styling, with molded corners and a unique floating effect, make the NXT models look sleeker and more stylish than traditional spas.

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The 2014 Highlife® Collection was brilliantly redesigned with help from the experts at BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Each spa in the Highlife Collection offers exclusive features that provide you with the ultimate spa experience day-in and day-out for years to come. As Hot Spring Spas’ best-selling line, these hot tubs offer innovative jets, the very best in filtration and water care, and money-saving efficiency you cannot find anywhere else.

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With elegant styling and exceptional performance, your Limelight Collection spa will quickly become a central hub of your home. Each Limelight Collection Model offers soothing massage, vibrant lighting, and exclusive features that make spa ownership easy. Plus, you can count on the quality you expect from Hot Spring – so sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Delivering great value, Hot Spot Spas are designed to provide you with a relaxing retreat at a price you can afford. Choose a Hot Spot spa for quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, easy water care, and peace of mind that you are backed by a brand you can trust – Hot Spring Spas.

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Beyond easy setup, a Fantasy Spa is easy to maintain. It’s constructed of technologically advanced polymers. The unicast shell is beautiful, but RokSolid™—virtually impervious to the elements.

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A Hot Spring Hot Tub provides the powerful combination of massage and hot water. We strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.
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Kind words from our clients:

“We are loving it! Thank you for all of your help with getting us setup!

-Jama Parker

“We love our Vanguard Spa.  Best of all we love our service plan and man!  We also love how Joanne and Jake stood up for us when our 1st spa exhibited problems from the very beginning.  Now we are in heaven with our new spa.  Never have we seen such wonderful people  and service as those from CRS.”

Lucylee Whiting – Vangaurd Spa

“Wonderful people who own and work at the Crystal River Spas. They are always there to answer your questions.”

Kathy Denman

“I want to thank Crystal River Spas for many years of friendly, dependable and knowledgeable service and supplies.  When the waters of a hot tub get murky, as they occasionally do, it’s nice to know that the folks at Crystal River Spas are standing by to help!”

AR – Glenwood Springs

“I have been dealing with the CRS for about 20 years.  I have a 6 BR rental home in Snowmass and am on my  second Hot Springs Spa (a Grandee purchased in 2000.)  We have always gotten outstanding service and advice from Joanne and Jake.  I cannot recommend them highly enough. WE LOVE CRYSTAL RIVER!”

Doc Newhard, Calif and Snowmass

“The spa was the first thing we bought after buying our home 10 years ago. Joan took great care of us (we had never bought a spa before) and the whole team has been superb since. Quick visits when we’ve needed repairs, advice and assistance when I’m doing some of my own work on the spa – always pleasant, courteous and prompt. Great organization.”

Phil Golden – Our Hot Springs Vanguard Spa

“My wife and I bought our first hot tub ever from Crystal River Spas this winter. Jake helped us pick the rite tub for us and the install was no problem. I appreciate there helpful attitudes when I go in to ask questions about chemicals and accessories. We really appreciated the service guy coming late night one weekend to help us with an issue. Tub was ready for apre’s ski the next day!”


“We bought our hot tub a few years ago from Joan. We are happy with it and use it at least 4 times a week. It is always a pleasure to work with them. We also love Silk Balance because it is reduces water care maintenance. Thanks for the awesome product!”

Judy Douglas – Bengal, Carbondale

“My family and I have been long time customers of Crystal River Spas and Hot Tubs. I remember when I was little, we’d go see Joan to pick up chemicals – she was always there to greet us with a smile and kind words. She tailored to our every need – across the seasons – so that we could enjoy our hot tub and the night sky year round. When I moved to Denver, I wanted to continue to enjoy my Hot Tub experiences. So while Hot Tub shopping, I would call Joan and ask for her opinion on different tubs, price insights, and benefits about each. She was always honest. We spoke several times and I was able to apply her knowledge to my hot tub purchase. Thanks Joan and Crystal River!

What I like about Silk Balance I have sensitive skin and traditional chemicals that used chlorine dried my skin, leaving me irritated and unable to enjoy my hot tub experience. Sometimes the rash would last for days. With Silk, I leave the hot tub with softer skin, making the experience all that more enjoyable. My skin always comes out moisturized after a good soak. Not only is it better for my skin, it is really easy to use – just 4 oz. and a splash of bromine and I could enjoy my tub all week.”
Kim Gilbert – Tiger River, Denver, CO

“When we decided to purchase our hot tub we asked around, and we kept hearing good things about Crystal River Spas. We decided to purchase a Jetsetter from them. We are delighted with our purchase and would buy from them again. We have had our Jetsetter for around 5 years. When we purchased the hot tub we used chlorine for maybe a year, then we were introduced to Silk Balance, it’s wonderful. We will continue using Silk Balance for as long as we have the hot tub.”
Linda Kasden – Jetsetter
Crystal River Valley

“We’ve had our spa for 3 years and we enjoy it immensely. Dealing with Crystal River Spa is awesome! They are always so helpful and accomadating. If we need anything at all, they give us prompt service. We’ve been using Silk Balance for the 3 years that we’ve had our spa and think it is an exceptional product. It is so easy to use and it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. It makes maintaing the spa a breeze! I would recommend this product to anyone for its simplicity and effectiveness.”

Richard Terrell – Jetsetter

“We are huge fans of Joan and Jake at Crystal River Spas… they epitomize awesome customer service. Not only do they have an amazing showroom and are always there to help.. they provide timely expertise and guidance over the phone when I call in for advice on the occasional care issues or an explanation on that flashing light. We are thrilled with Silk Balance; it has greatly improved our enjyemnt of our tub. One of our daughters’s skin was sensitive to the chlorine based system we used to use. Silk Balance is far gentler and the water sparkles. It is worth every penny! Thank you: Joan Jake and Silk Balance. Best, Scott Gilbert”
Scott Gilbert – Tiger River Spas- Bengal
Old Snowmass, Colorado

“First we tried Costco on an impulsive shopping whim 3 years ago…malfunctions right from the install; no customer service; no warranty; no replacements parts. Each year, nozzles blew out, parts broke and amenities failed. We discovered Crystal River Spas after the fact, purchasing spa products. Customer service was always spot on and friendly. When our Costco tub finally kicked the bucket, we purchased a new from from Crystal. They installed it in our absence into a very tight spot- through mature trees, landscaping, sculpture and gardens, into a pocket surrounded by multi-level custom decks- flawlessly. We came home to see them filling the new one in for us and it has been functioning wonderfully since. A few months later we heard what sounded like a neighbor friend poaching the tub- the “Whump!” of lid flipping open. We expected to catch and tease them for it, but it turned out to be Jake- just checking on our tub for us! He made recommendations that improved performance even more and we continue to use our tub almost daily. CRYSTAL RIVER SPAS IS A SMALL TOWN, EARNEST COMPANY RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS LIKE A TOP NOTCH MACHINE. We’ll be sticking with them!”
PETER MULLETT – A Floor Model, no less!

“I actually just read this just now. I have been busy soaking in my new hot tub and not checking my e-mail messages! We met with Richard and he told us about the misplaced wire. No worries. Glad it was an easy fix. It heated up nicely and we were able to soak by 8 or 8:30 which was perfect. We both had fun pushing buttons and moving from spot to spot. We both slept so good. Thanks so much for all your wonderful staff…including Hatch. We will be in touch and will certainly call if we have any questions or concerns. So far it is it is super! Thanks again, Cindy”
Cindy D – Sovereign
Glenwood Springs

“We love our spa! Joan and Jake always take good care of us. We love the Silk Balance we got froim Crystal River Spas. It does actually make your skin soft after using the spa. What a difference! Thanks Again!”
Nick Smalling – Fill this in jake.. lol
Glenwood Springs

“Crystal River Spas did the impossible instaling our new Spa on Christmas eve. Three days before Christmas our hot tub froze up and was ruined. We were told that we could have a new Spa installed in time for Christmas. Our old hot tub was removed and new Spa installed on Christmas eve. They made a promise and they delivered! We could not be more happy with our new spa. It is beautiful and very energy efficient. We had our best Christmas ever all due to the staff at Crystal River. I would not go anyshere else in buying a new Spa. The price and customer cannot be beat”
Hap Bruce – Hot Spring Spa

“Our spa looks like it’s gone to the spa! Refinished exterior, new filters and very polished. Thank you so much! Your service is really top notch, and I spread the word whenever I have a chance. Your service guys are so great I bought them lunch for their great attitude.”
Rebecca Driscoll – Hot Springs Spa
Roaring Fork Valley

“To let you know that I have the oldest (perhaps the best) Hot Springs Hot Tub in the Crystal Valley! Installed in 1986 and still running just fine. I can attest to the quality and durability of the product.”
Oldest CRS Customer – Hot Springs Spa