Help Guide For Your Hot Tub

Managing your hot tub can be a huge task. With our help guide for your hot tub, we walk you through the steps of how to start, clean and maintain your hot tub. If you’re looking to be completely hassle-free, our team can assist you with our hot tub maintenance services.

Hot Tub Maintenance is a Breeze

Maintenance is a breeze with a hot spring hot tub from Crystal River Spas.

In a standard water system, there are two main elements to keep your eye on:

Ph and Chlorine levels.

Keep your eye on the color of your paper strip while testing and add chemicals as needed.

If you’d rather not worry about the maintenance of your hot tub – no problem!

Sign up for our hot tub maintenance services and our team of experts will handle your hot tub with care!

Schedule a Backyard Consultation

Are you looking for a hot tub but don’t know where to begin?

Spending hours in the backyard trying to measure out the location and imagine the perfect design? We’ll stress no more!

When you schedule a backyard consulatation with our hot tub experts, we help guide you through finding the perfect sauna that fits all of your wants and needs.

No more worrying about where to put it or wondering how much space you’ll need. Our experts will come out to your house and help you plan out details such water, power, and will review the construction of your house in case you need bracing.

Schedule a free backyard consulation from Crystal River Spas for a stress-free hot tub installion experience!

How To Use Your Hot Tub Upright Cover

Properly using your upright cover is essential to the maintenance and upkeep of your hot tub. Our experts guide you on how to lift and remove your hot tub to ensure its safety and reliability.

Using your Hot Tub Lift & Glide

Your hot tub lift and glide is a key piece of equipment used to keep unwanted bacteria and debris out of your hot tub. It is also provides as a barrier to keep your hot tub clean and protected. Our hot tub experts will show you to fasten and release your lift and glide to ensure you are using it properly.

Starting Up and Maintaining Your Spa

What’s the most important thing to know? Well that’s starting your hot tub of course! Our experts will walk you through the chemical process required to start up your hot tub and maintain its overall efficency.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Cleaning your hot tub filters is a stress – free process!

Let our experts guide you through the physical and chemical to look for while cleaning and maintaining your hot tub.